City Of Uvalde, Texas

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In accordance with Texas Penal code those that commit an act of animal cruelty will be punishable by a fine and/or jail time.

A person commits an offense if, either through their action or omission, they:

  • Fails to provide humane care and treatment for an animal he has possession of including, but not limited to, access to an adequate supply of fresh air, species specific food, fresh water, exercise, adequate shelter, and with appropriate veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering;
  • Fails to have a dog or cat that he owns or possesses vaccinated against rabies by the time the animal is four months of age;
  • Beats, cruelly treats, torments, overloads, overworks, or otherwise abuses an animal (whether owned or unowned), or causes, instigates, or permits any dog fight, cock fight, bull fight, or other combat between animals or between animals and humans;
  • Abandons an animal that he has possession of, or in the case of impoundment by the animal control officer, allows to remain in the animal shelter beyond a five-day maximum after notification of impoundment of such animal;
  • Surgically alters an animal, including, but not limited to ear cropping, tail docking, and dew-claw removal, except when done by a licensed veterinarian;
  • Intentionally strikes a domestic animal with a motor vehicle;
  • Exposes any known poisonous substance, whether mixed with food or not, so that the same shall be liable to be eaten by any animal;
  • Leaves any animal in any standing or parked vehicle in such a way as to endanger the animal's health or safety;
  • Places or sets out steel jaw traps, spring traps with teeth, neck traps or any type of trap with a holding mechanism designed to cut, slice, tear or traumatize the entrapped prey, unless the use of such traps is specifically deemed necessary by the state parks and wildlife department or director of health for control of communicable disease;
  • Causes, allows, or permits any animal to remain in its own filth;
  • Teases, provokes, molests or irritates an animal that is confined to the owner's premises;

To make a report contact Animal Control officers at the Uvalde Police Department non-emergency line 830-278-9147.

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