City Of Uvalde, Texas

Victim/Survivor Intake From for Financial Assistance
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Numerous churches and charitable and non-profit organizations have collected donations to assist with the emergency financial needs of victims and their families. They have formed a committee for this bridge funding to pool resources and establish a centralized system to reach as many victims as possible. The funds will be available for the short term to help families begin the recovery process.

If you have questions about bridge funding or need assistance with the application, please email

Eligibility Policy:

Emergency Funds are available for the immediate family members of the deceased, those who were wounded/injured, or those who survived the mass casualty crime at Robb Elementary. Funds can be used to meet the following needs:

  • Rent/mortgages
  • Housing bills (utilities, electricity)
  • Gas
  • Groceries
  • Additional emergency needs can be considered if the need arises as a direct cause of the crime; up to the discretion of the Bridge Fund Committee

All applicant information will be verified to ensure these funds, donated as charitable gifts, are properly distributed, and utilized in an equitable manner.

Please have supporting documentation (late notices, electricity bills, etc.), a form of identification, and confirmation of address when applying for emergency funds.

NOTE: The amount of assistance given will be dependent on the amount of donations given to these organizations. All funds are donations from private donors, not government funds or grants.

Application for emergency financial assistance