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SSgt. Willie de Leon Civic Center
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Welcome to the SSgt. Willie de Leon Civic Center
340 E. Main Street | Uvalde, Texas 78801 | 830-333-9980 | Office: 340 N. Getty Street |
Manager: Gloria Resma | Administrative Assistant: Martin Vasquez

The SSGT Willie de Leon Civic Center is Uvalde's premiere meeting and event venue. No matter what your event, the personalized and efficient service of our professional staff will help make it your best event ever.


Live Oak Hall (main area). Is the largest area of the Civic Center. It can hold 400-600* people depending on layout.

Kitchen is included in the rental of the Live Oak Hall. If the kitchen is not being utilized by another rental of the Live Oak Hall during the same time you may have use of the kitchen at no additional charge.

Cactus Room can accommodate 65 guests. Non-profits are allowed four (4) free uses per calendar year. After that, then the non-profit rate applies.

Pecan, Mesquite and Mountain Laurel can accommodate 40 guests, but the rooms are partitioned, so they may be opened up to accommodate more guests. Each room is a separate cost.

Huajillo and Cenizo Rooms can hold up to 25 guests.

When booking the Live Oak Hall only the kitchen is included. Meeting rooms will be rented out to others unless the whole facility is rented. The cost for the whole facility (minus the Cactus Room) is $2000 plus $775 deposit and security (if needed).
*Depending on type of event and approval.

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Civic Center Layout
Special Event Insurance
Civic Center Brochure

Parking Lot Rental Form
Parking Lot Fundraiser Agreement

Civic Center Rental Price list
Frequently Asked Questions
What types of events are held at the Civic Center?
Banquets, community events, conferences, conventions, meetings, receptions, trade shows, weddings and similar events.
How do I book the facility?
Check the calendar to see if the date is available. Fill out the form located above and once approved, someone will contact you regarding payment and other information for the rental.
How far out can I book the facility?
12 months prior to the event. Conferences and conventions may be booked further out with special arrangements.
Will I need security at the event?
Yes, if alcohol is present or deemed necessary by the Civic Center Manager.
Do I need any insurance?
Yes, Special Events insurance will be needed for events of 150 or more or deemed necessary by the Civic Center Manager. EventSured or The Event The Event Helper
Are we responsible for clean-up?
Yes, decorations, food, items, and any other decor that is brought in must be removed. Trash must be collected and placed into the outside dumpsters. The kitchen must be wiped down.
Will staff be available during the event?
If deemed necessary by the Civic Center Manager. If a staff member is present, they are not there to assist in the event. Only there in case of emergency, A/C needs to be adjusted, refill paper goods, and clean up any mess that is a danger.
What is provided?
Tables (96" long by 29" tall rectangle or 72" round by 29" tall) and chairs. Trash cans and bags along with toilet tissue/towels are provided.
Do you provide caterers or entertainment?
No. You will need to secure a caterer, entertainer, and decorator.
Equipment rental available?
Sound system equipment is available for rental for a fee.
What are the Civic Center hours?
Civic Center is available 7 a.m. - Midnight. Sunday - Saturday. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Where is the office located?
340 N. Getty Street. If no one is at the office text 830-279-6443 or 830-279-5987. The office number is 830-333-9980.