City Of Uvalde, Texas

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AVIATION MUSEUM OF TEXAS AT GARNER FIELD - The Museum is located at the Uvalde Municipal Airport in one of the original hangars built for Garner Army Air Field, a World War II primary training base. The museum preserves the local and regional history of aviation and displays memorabilia and aircraft from WWII. Garner Field Road – PO Box 453, Uvalde, TX 78802 – (830)-278-2552.

BRISCOE ART & ANTIQUE COLLECTION is located within First State Bank of Uvalde. Over 6,000 visitors a year, view an extensive collection of art and antiques at the most unique bank in Texas. The collection of primarily Western art and Victorian era antiques is on display during bank hours. 200 E. Nopal St. – (830)-278-6231. Link.

EL PROGRESO MEMORIAL LIBRARY - Weisman Museum of Southwest Texas - Virginia Wood Davis Archives - Organized in 1903, the library is one of the oldest in this part of the state. In 2004, the library moved to its present location on West Main where it not only serves as a state-of-the-art library for the community but also houses a regional archives and museum. 301 West Main St. – (830) 278-2017

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JANEY SLAUGHTER- BRISCOE GRAND OPERA HOUSE was built in 1891 and restored in 1982. Community theater productions, children's theater and concert series, and professional talent such as Santiago Jimenez, Jr. and Ray Price have performed in this historic location.  104 West North Street – (830) 278-4184.

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SAHAWE INDIAN OUTDOOR THEATER- - Sahawe Indian Dancers thrill audiences throughout the country with colorful costumes and fast dances of the Indians of America and Mexico. Corner of South Wood and East Garden – (830) 278-2016.


UVALDE MEMORIAL GOLF COURSEmanages an 18 hole public golf course along the Leona River. 221 East Doughty – (830) 278-6155.

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