City Of Uvalde, Texas

Vital Records
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Birth/Death Certificates

The following birth and death records may be obtained from the City of Uvalde - Office of Vital Records:
  • All births that occurred in Uvalde Memorial Hospital or within city limits
  • All deaths that occurred within city limits
Birth/Death Records not held by the City of Uvalde:
  • Births and deaths that occurred outside of city limits, including county, out of town and the Uvalde estates.
Any birth or death records outside of city limits will need to be purchased from the County Clerk by mail or by visiting the Uvalde County website.

Birth/Death Certificate Application
Solicitud de Acta de Nacimiento/Defuncion
Birth/Death Certificate Application being sent by mail
Solicitud de Acta de Nacimiento/Defuncion enviada por correo

Please mail applications to:
City of Uvalde - Vital Records
P.O. Box 799
Uvalde, TX 78802
Email applications to

For further information please contact Jennifer Potter at 830-278-6616 or email

Requesting/Making Changes to a Birth Certificate
Most changes are done through the Texas Department of State Health Services. Amendments can only be requested from the State of Texas by filling out the application to correct a birth certificate, having it notarized and mailing it to:

Texas Dept of State Health Services
1100 W. 49th Street
Austin, TX 78756
512-458-7111 or 888-963-7111

Frequently Asked Questions

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