City Of Uvalde, Texas

Planning & Development Department
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The City of Uvalde is revising its Future Land Use Map. Click on the link below to review the proposed map.
Future Land Use Map
The Future Land use map is intended as a guide for ensuring high quality and fiscally sustainable future development of the City of Uvalde. This maps designates areas in terms of their general use and will be used in planning streets, utilities and parks.  To see what uses are allowed currently, look at the Current Zoning Map below.

Current Zoning Map

Attention: Homeowners and Construction Contractors. The City of Uvalde has adopted the 2015 international codes. Permits must be obtained in advance of construction work.

Permit Checklist

For information on building permits, contact City Hall at (830) 278-3316 or by emailing .

TO REPORT CODE VIOLATIONS HERE: Government Outreach or download the "Go Request" app in the app stores for Apple and Android phones and devices. The Go Request app lets you easily report any code violation (health, safety, property, animal, and quality of life) to City officials. You can upload a description as well as pinpoint it on a map. You may still report code violations by calling 278-3316.

Volunteer boards are an essential part of Planning and Development. The Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment make decisions regarding land use. Building Standards reviews unsafe structures. The Historic Preservation Board approves changes to the exterior of buildings in our historic district. If any of these sound interesting to you, fill out a volunteer application and we will give you a call when we have an opening. Make a difference in Uvalde, volunteer! Volunteer Application