City Of Uvalde, Texas

Application for Residential Utility Services
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City of Uvalde

Application for Residential Utility Services

Customer Information

Important Notice

Customer must read and Sign Below:

Access to Customer’s premises: Uvalde Utility Service Office employees and agents shall have access to the customer’s premises and at any time for the purpose of providing utility services, reading meters, inspecting, making repairs, and installing or removing any or all utility equipment and apparatus used in connection with the rendering of utility services to the customer. Customer acknowledges the right to repair and bill the customer for damaged equipment. CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITES: Only the above named customer’s are authorized to make changes or inquiries on the assigned account. The customer assumes and shall have sole responsibility for water service line from the water meter, the sewer service line from the water meter line, and the gas service lines from the gas meter as provided within the Uvalde Utility Service Office. The customer hereby states that all information provided as set forth in this application for services is true and complete. The customer understands that one or more false statements on this application for services shall be considered sufficient cause to immediately terminate all utility services without any notice to Customer. The customer understands that if any person with a past due utility account is residing at the premises herein described at any point-in-time, all utility services may, at sole discretion of the Uvalde utility Service office, be immediately discontinued at any time without any notice to customer. The customer agrees to pay-in-full for services rendered by execution of this of this application for services and further agrees to be bound by all utility rates,rules,regulations,and politicizes, governing the services.

I (we) have read all the above information notice and fully understand and agree with all of the requirements set forth and herein:

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